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Update from MTANZ - A word from the MTANZ Chair, Erin Currie: 23 Mar 2020

The MTANZ Board were called for an emergency meeting on Friday to address the urgent impact of medical device supply, distribution and technical support that faces New Zealand.

Our CEO, Faye Sumner, will detail below the actions and advice we are endeavouring to provide to a taskforce initiated by the government, with key stakeholders including PHARMAC and NZ Health Partnerships. We have initiated a special COVID-19 Sub-Group to represent the industry on this taskforce, and the Board and Secretariat have commenced planning for immediate and medium term effects on our industry.

I understand all of you are responding to your key priorities of business continuity needs as well as looking after your staff, as I am. Please share your speciality specific issues with MTANZ to ensure we feed this through the COVID-19 Sub-Group.

MTANZ, through NZ Health Partnerships and PHARMAC, is part of the Ministry of Health, National Health Coordination Committee (NHCC).

This collaboration is to ensure high priority is given to importation of critical medical supplies.To do this the Government is working to understand the airfreight capacity required and on understanding the stock levels in NZ and what may be in the pipeline.

DHBs are being directed with their requests for increased stock levels to either NZ Health Partnerships or PHARMAC

In the first instance, contact: or depending on which agency holds your contract for supply.

Please contact MTANZ and in particular, Faye Sumner or phone 021 899112 if you have further concerns that need to be escalated to central government. This will also help coordinate supply issues by the MTANZ sub-group with the MOH national response team.

MTANZ will continue to update members as information becomes available.

Kind regards
Medical Technology Association of New Zealand

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