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MTANZ Dental Code of Practice


Goal and Scope of The Code

The purpose of the Code is to ensure high ethical interactions and socially acceptable behaviour within the Dental Industry and ensure the Oral Healthcare Professional, the Regulator and the New Zealand community can have confidence in their dealings with the Dental Industry and its Products and services.

The Code is not intended to supplant or supersede New Zealand law, regulations or professional codes including those that may be applied to individual companies.

The code represents an act of self regulation in the first instance. MTANZ Members should also acknowledge that The Code is to be applied in the spirit as well as the letter of the Code.

Any business that is not an MTANZ Member is also invited to accept and observe the Code because it is considered that the high ethical standards to be followed should apply to the Dental Industry as a whole if it is to maintain the confidence of all the stakeholders that it serves.

Many Member businesses may have internal Codes of Conduct prescribed by their parent organisations. This Code is not intended to override the provisions of any internal code, should that mandate a higher level of performance of a stricter code of behaviour.

There are several industry codes applying to different therapeutic sectors. It is the intention that the Code applies to the supply of Dental Technology Products. Where there is another therapeutic industry code that is more relevant then that code will generally be the more appropriate code.

Code of Practice

Example CoP

$55.00 MTANZ Member
$95.00 Standard Price
Incl GST

Homepage Teaser: The Code of Practice is a self-regulatory industry code that facilitates ethical interactions between healthcare professionals and the medical technology industry.

Minor Oral Surgery, Anaesthesia & Sedation


This module describes the various minor oral surgical procedures that may be performed in either a general dental practice, a community clinic or a hospital oral surgery department. The use of anaesthetics and sedation in dentistry is also discussed.


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