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MTANZ Publication

MTANZ Publications

MTANZ Industry Survey

(Adobe PDF) 1214KB
Click here to view the NZ Medical Technology Industry Report Key facts and figures 2015


Clinica Article - Reimbursement Unravelled

(Adobe PDF) 209KB
Article by Faye Sumner on the impact of central procurement of Medical Devices in NZ.


Hospital medical device decision criteria

(Adobe PDF) 2197KB
Deloitte was engaged by MTANZ to develop a white paper to present to PHARMAC and form the basis for on-going discussions with regard to the procurement of medical devices. Deloitte, as an independent organisation was able to interview a broad spectrum of stakeholders; clinicians, societies and industry. The paper “Hospital medical device decision criteria” is now finalised and can be downloaded here.


A Healthy Future for New Zealand

(Adobe PDF) 761KB
New Zealand faces some major challenges in providing access to innovative, cost-effective and safe medical technology in the future.

Although it's been thought that new medical technologies are the main driviers of increasing healthcare costs this is not the case. Rather, innovative medical technology may offer solutions as we have outlined in this document.

We discuss issues including:
What is the value of the New Zealand investment in medical technology?
Why is it important to maintain clinical choice in selecting medical technology?
How should we measure cost-effectiveness of medical devices?
Where to from here.

Please call MTANZ on (09) 917 3645 if you require a hard copy of this document.


Worldclass Healthcare; Driving Growth

(Adobe PDF) 833KB
This document provides a window into the New Zealand medical technology industry.

In these pages, you will find information about who we are and what we do. You will see the critical role we play in delivering and improving healthcare to New Zealanders, by guaranteeing the accessibility, affordability and availability of the best and most advanced medical technology devices.

Please call MTANZ on (09) 917 3645 if you require a hard copy of this document.


MTANZ International Brochure

(Adobe PDF) 327KB


Consultation ASA Code for Therapeutic Advertising - Draft Code

(Adobe PDF) 2094KB
The ASA has 3 codes in the therapeutic and services category: Therapeutic Products Advertising Code ( drawn from the Joint Trans-Tasman Code), Therapeutic Services Advertising Code and Code for Advertising Weigh Management & Services.
The Trans-Tasman Joint Agency is no longer proceeding so the opportunity to review the Code for NZ-Specific requirements is now available. The new Code seeks to combine the above 3 codes, along with greater clarity for the advertising of natural or health products, devices and services.
See the draft guidance notes below


Consultation ASA Code for Therapeutic Advertising - Draft Notes

(Adobe PDF) 2041KB


Response to PHARMAC’s proposed approach to market share procurement for hospital medical devices

(MS Word 2007) 204KB
This document and covering letter answers the relevant questions posed in PHARMAC's discussion document. Although specifically for wound care devices MTANZ responded on the assumption that the model would apply to other device categories.


Response to the Consultation Document for PHARMAC and hospital medical devices - Obtaining Clinical Input

(Adobe PDF) 442KB
This consultation document is directed to clinicians, but MTANZ wishes to respond because the medical technology industry¡¦s relationship with clinicians is crucial for procurement decisions and both are co-dependent.

New Zealanders need affordable access to innovative and effective medical technology that improves health outcomes by:
- Reducing disease, disability and hospitalization
- Increasing the safety and efficacy of treatment
- Increasing life expectancy
- Shortening hospital stays
- Increasing the potential

Position Papers

MTANZ position paper - Health Technology Assessment

(Adobe PDF) 183KB


MTANZ position paper - Reuse of Single-use Medical Devices

(Adobe PDF) 153KB

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